Throne of Blood (Dir. Akira Kurosawa, Japan, 1957)

601 Rudder Tower 401 Joe Routt Blvd, College Station, TX

Transposed from Shakespeare’s Macbeth, this film takes place in feudal Japan with stylistic elements drawn from Noh drama.


First Folio Teaches Teachers Workshops

Liberal Arts and Arts & Humanities Building Room 453 349 Spence St, College Station, TX

Through discussion and hands-on activities, teachers will explore what makes the First Folio worth teaching and studying, and gain a set of strategies for connecting students directly with this volume.


Korol Lir (Dir. Grigori Kozintsev, Russia, 1971)

MSC 2406 275 Joe Routt Blvd. #2240, College Station, TX

This Soviet era film based on Shakespeare’s King Lear follows the lives of King Lear and his courtier Gloucester, documenting the madness and tragedy which befall them.